About Curtis

Spendlove. Yup. /spend/ - /ləv/ It sounds just like it's spelled. One can imagine the jokes. And I surrounded myself with friends who thought the jokes were much more humorous when we were teenagers than when we were adolescents.

I'm a husband, father, author, and coder. During the daytime I write mind-numbingly large enterprise applications to put steak on the table. When the sun sets I don my tights and cape and work on smaller, personal projects...the culmination of which have recently added a salt and pepper shaker to the table.

I don't really usually code in tights or a cape.

I first knew I was destined to write code when I shipped my first Macintosh application in the 90's. I was irritated by dying continually in Descent. So, I wrote Descent Saved Game Editor. DSGE followed the UNIX tradition: do one task and do it well...allow the user to hack their saved games with vastly superior armor, weaponry, and ungodly quantities of ammunition.


Curtis Spendlove

Level 40 Web Developer
I've been developing for the web since 1996, the past 20 years (of course back then it was using Perl, through CGI).

Primary Skills